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How do I check which answers i got wrong on the mock exam
Started by: Nomis Sivraj
        Thread Born: 18-02-2013 20:28

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I figured it out after a few tries. Anyway I just took the 'real' Air Law exam and achieved 90% so happy about that.
Jon Taylor        Reply: 28-10-2017 14:11:12

When you see the % at the end, below it is a button which says show results. I don't think it give you the answers to the one you get wrong (as in a real mock exam), it it certainly helps.
Paul Finch        Reply: 25-10-2017 06:32:48

Just joined the site and tried the mock Air Law exam. When I checked the answers, the text box didn't always correspond with the questions asked and so it was difficult to see exactly where I went wrong. I guess I'll have to submit the result to my FI to check
Jon Taylor        Reply: 24-10-2017 22:53:29

That is excellent news made up for you Darren. You just made it worth while making this :) cheers bud. Many thanks.
Paul Finch        Reply: 04-05-2013 15:01:33

46/50 on the tech exam this morning. The mock exams were a great help, and I'm sure made a huge difference in achieving a good pass. Thank you
Darren Moore        Reply: 04-05-2013 14:50:53

My pleasure, sorry for the delay...
Paul Finch        Reply: 01-05-2013 09:19:11

Thanks for your reply Nomis, never thought of it that way. Also, thanks Paul for adding that option.
Darren Moore        Reply: 01-05-2013 09:12:50

It has been done :) my apologies for the delay guys. Hope it helps... It was intentionally this way as initially it was a method of testing your knowledge, not for learning, But whatever the user want shall be so :). Fly safe...
Paul Finch        Reply: 01-05-2013 09:08:51

Hi Darren I have managed to over come this issue; Paul Finch is obviously a busy guy or the technicalities of making the tests more interactive are too much for him. Hey Paul don't get me wrong really appreciate you taking the time to create the tests, once you know how to check your answers , in combination with other sites these are really helpful to passing the exams. Darren ... As per all multi choice exams read the question... Read it again... Is there a double negative. Ie : you are taxying and an aircraft overtakes which side should they be on.... Well obviously on your left but in your haste you may think ... Ahh taxying ... Overtaking keep the other aircraft on your right , but on this occasion we are talking about the overtaker. There are quite a few of these type of questions in the real test as so read and be sure first. Okay so this is how you check your answers on this site.... A bit laborious but it makes for good revision .. So you answer questions 1, fine you know you got that right then you go down a few more questions until you get to the first one you are not sure of so you pick an answer then scroll down to the end of the page (remembering which question you were unsure of) and tick the MARK TEST button, if you got them all right the mark will tell you so if it says you got one wrong it's probably the one you were unsure of. So you now select your BACK button to go back to the test you were on then select the next best answer.... Scroll down.... Mark test did you get it right... Yes move on NO select another answer and try again ... Yep you gotta do this throughout the test, In fairness to Paul he is probably doing you a favour making you read the questions over and over until you realise where you were going wrong . All the best Nomis aka Simon
Nomis Sivraj        Reply: 30-04-2013 21:55:52

Would be great to have this feature. I'm practising the Tech exams, but have no idea which questions I'm getting wrong
Darren Moore        Reply: 30-04-2013 14:22:34

Nomis Sivraj        Reply: 19-02-2013 10:21:35

I will start tomorrow afternoon :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 19-02-2013 09:36:51

Hi Paul, sorry to be a burden, any chance you could do it sooner, just I am sitting AFI exam on 1st March and trying to get as much in before then. I find reading the books hard going so prefer going through test questions. So far I have not found many sources of questions other than this site and www.islandmicrolightclub.com, the questions on that site are fairly limited and most of them I now know. Cheers
Nomis Sivraj        Reply: 19-02-2013 09:30:21

I will add this feature next week, feel free to contact me in the future with any suggestions. Kind regards...
Paul Finch        Reply: 19-02-2013 09:13:31

Hi Paul, yes it would be helpful if one could review the answers to see which ones are wrong as otherwise as a learning tool the test just gives you an indication of your level of knowledge of the subject and not where you are going wrong. Thanks
Nomis Sivraj        Reply: 19-02-2013 09:03:47

I can add this feature next week if you like ?
Paul Finch        Reply: 18-02-2013 20:35:08

Great being able to do the mock exams on this site but is there any way of checking which answers you got right and which ones you got wrong???
Nomis Sivraj        Reply: 18-02-2013 20:29:46

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